Cozy up with The Daily Show’s Holiday Yule Log: each time Trump has talked about the legendary Crying Man who thanks him for saving the nation.

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  1. He nees a psychiatrist for sure, but even a psychologist would freeze for a few moments… "Big strong guys"?!? It's so obvious these are traits he looks up to, traits he doesn't possess.

  2. Trumps Nuts Roasting on An Open Fire.
    Melania sniffing up her nose…
    Yule Cried Jack eating in the office

    And Trumps sons running for the doors..
    Everybody knows what turkey Trump is All About.
    And continues to completely talk and lie..
    So if you have a conscience..

  3. He's so weird. When you're lying you go with easy numbers. Like 5,10,100. This dude chooses 8 and 9.
    And you know his kinda porn. An orgy of 8 or 9 tough crying men that didn't cry when they were babies

  4. Such a psycho! Imagine what's going on in his mind to tell that stuff! It's a years long work for psychiatrist and psychologists. You must be afraid for your country and we should be for ours

  5. Why is it just repeating over and over? It's disturbing. There are so many things that typically contradict reality in this video: people loving Pres. Trump., strong men crying. Then it's combined with Christmas music and stuff and it's disturbing. Is this a bizarre interrogation tactic? Just stop man! I'll talk!

  6. I am a bad ass bodybuilder, a boxer and a raw crocodile eater. When I was a baby, I was rolled over by a fast moving truck that cracked my skull but I did not cry. But I'm just can't hold myself to cry whenever I see my beloved Mr. President.

  7. I met a guy. A strong and powerful guy, where a white suit with a pointy top. He was crying and said, “Thank you, Mr. President. Now I safe to say all the racists things I want without people calling me a racist.” 😂

  8. This is a classic con man trick… this good man said it and the person who's telling believes so subconsciously ppl think it would make them a bad person to not agree and want to help … Our cowardly liar is a trickster from way back

  9. I'm a very big tough guy but two years or so ago I heard the words Trump wins !! tears running down my face, tears, I was crying and so many people came up to me, big tough people and they would ask "why you crying like a little bitch" I said "Trump won" and 6 out of 7 started crying like little bitch's


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