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Clashes broke out between riot police and ladies’s rights activists on the entrance line of an International Woman’s Day march in Istanbul on Sunday.

Protesters could be seen beating riot police via their shields earlier than riot police hit again and type defensive traces in tense scenes.

The demonstration was organised to sentence violence in opposition to ladies and demand extra safety, however police allegedly blocked just a few hundred ladies from reaching the march. Several roads have been formally closed by Istanbul’s governor.

Last 12 months, police used tear gasoline through the occasion after the organisers defied the municipality ban on demonstrations.

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  1. Erdogan will be thinking, how can I benefit from all this disruption?
    Got it 1)use them as human shields? No! 2) As bargaining chips? Maybe 3) Send them to the Greek border and force them to enter Greece illegally? Yes Then I can use this to get more money out of the stupid idiotic EU bubeelee State! I will use the excuse that I need the money to keep them in the manner they have been accustomed to!

  2. It's the turkey regime attacking greece guys stand up for your country send them back that's nuts it's the devil army start shooting they will respect after that man that's a invation

  3. Police arrest people of lower level crime and eventually release them with a Criminal record Diploma. By doing this they take away their odds of being employed by altering their file for over 10 years ensuring that they stay unemployed and desperate for money putting society at risk of new and worse crime. * * * * *


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