Ugly Christmas Sweater Activated! Super hero dad comes outfitted with a brilliant ugly Christmas sweater in todays episode!
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  1. Oh yum is there anyway that Veronica can post the snickers cookies recipe?????? Or send a link of sorts?? Thanks so much, they sound and looked delicious!!!!
     By the way I love your ugly gingerbread sweater Chase. But it's not ugly!!!

  2. Veronica is a down to earth girl…..That is usually how men like woman. At least I thought so. Brit is sweet and nice and a good mamma, when she isn't leaving her kids with her mother. You know because she works and all. But, I am pretty sure that Veronica works too? Brit, I love her, but she is wicked HIGH MAINTENANCE. Veronica doesn't need that because she is beautiful inside and out and needs no Maintenance. because she is confident within herself….She is a true beauty inside and out and a good mamma too!! I think that the both of you are incredible mother's, don't get me wrong. I just think each of you have different lives and different priority's in life. I think you are both pretty amazing woman, just in different ways.

  3. I love the board games. We try to play them as often as possible when our 11 year old granddaughter comes, it get's her off of the phone And FYI? We were playing monopoly and it broke our hearts that she couldn't figure out how to make change from a 10.00, 20.00 or 50.00. So, what are they teaching our children in school? She said they used the calculator all of the time. So, I have a question for you Gilly, your boys are close to our Jae'Lyn's age. Can they make change from a $10.00 or $20.00 bill? It kind of freak us out, that Jae'lyn can't! At 11 years old you should be able to make change. Right? or am I dead wrong. And to be honest she had a hard time making change from a $5.00 too. And, she is tutored in math? Something is just not right!

  4. Gilly you are such a faker, you know darn well that is one dope looking jumper, i also think you lucked out with your Smith Sister,it would drive me nuts having a wife constantly worrying about her looks, your wife is comfortable in her own skin, and knows she got better things to do like being a mum, wife,and living are one lucky cool rooster


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