by request: #Unbox the ALL new #CaptainMarvel #ActionDolls by Hasbro!! With the Massive quickly to be Blockbuster film proper across the nook, Froggy unboxes two fabsome variations of Captain Marvel.

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  1. Oh wow! I used to watch your videos ALOT when I was younger. Now I’m back and there’s a captain Marvel unboxing? Perfectly in line with what I’m currently into, haha! Either way, I’m glad to see your content is still fun and happy. It feels so nostalgic and wholesome.

  2. I am watching this Channel about 2 years❤️🐸🐸🤗LOVE YOUR CHANNEL 🐸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Please Like And Comment 🙂👍🏻🤗

  3. +MyFroggyStuff, I recently discovered your channel and I'm already a fan. I loved the video you did making a trench coat for a Dr. Who character from a doll that belonged to a completely different series or movie. Anyway I wanted to comment on two things and they are #1 are you familiar with Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) of the Avengers from the 1980's? She was the first mainstream African American female character that lead the Avengers for many years in Marvel Comics. Marvel really never did nothing with her as a character and I dare not say why but I would love to see you do a custom of a doll wearing her costume from the 1980's. Secondly do you remember the cartoon Static Shock from the early 2000's? That character is based on the 1993 comic book series called Static. Anyway I would love to see you do his costume from the cartoon on a male doll. I think that would look great. I'm using your video's as a personal tutorial to customize a Static doll using your methods. Thanks and I appreciate the efforts you put into your creativity.

  4. She also can't pet the cat! A real shame they didn't give her one open hand for the $25 version though I'm sure it was to cut costs since they were making twice the amount of dolls in the same time-frame. (Also, after seeing her standing beside him, her head looks even more oversized… oops.) At least Hasbro is offering something interesting with that much articulation on the same doll. Thanks for the review, Froggy! 🙂

  5. Is it just me or does her head look a bit too big for her body? Maybe it's because the outfit is so fitted. Looking forward to your customising efforts with this doll.

  6. She’s gorgeous! Hope she & the Marvel Rising dolls come to the UK, prefer Hasbro’s dolls as so far for me every Hasbro doll i’ve got has had no flaws, whereas with Mattel every 2/3 times i’ve picked one up they’ve been overpriced &/or defective in some way 🙃


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