In this video I take you with me attempting to get again into filming studio vlogs for you guys! I’m drawing on my iPad, I movie an anatomy tutorial for my patrons (I’m very sorry for speaking a lot about it on this video pls forgive me!!) and I speak concerning the new schedule we’re testing for the time being – attempting to get some work performed with a child 🙂

Oval Sketch Brush by Dizzy Tara:

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Sara Faber
PO Box 4 04 12
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Tools I used to movie and edit:
Camera: Canon G7X Mark II
Editing Program: Final Cut Pro X



Which iPad do you’ve?
It’s the iPad Pro 11″ with 256GB.

How previous are you?
I’m 26!

Where do you reside?
I dwell in Berlin 🙂

Thank you for watching! 🌟


  1. Hi Sarah, I was wondering what the brand/name of that studio light is you’re using in this video. I’m looking for one myself too 😊

  2. Sara,, this was a lovely vlog, I really loved it. In regards to the avocado – this is just a fun way to start it where the process of growing is visual – but- It looks like the pit is upside down in the water. The rounded part, where it was attached to the tree goes down into the water 🙂 Good luck with it.

  3. Biting like that is usually just the way dogs play, especially puppies that are still learning how hard their bite is. They outgrow it!
    If the dogs are getting along well in every other way like you said, it's definitely just playing. If it's too much for Cooper, he will most likely communicate that the other dog and that's how the other one will learn to be more gentle. It is unfortunate for his gorgeous fur though!!!

  4. Thank you for this studio vlog again! You are such an inspiration and helping me! I am thinking about being self-employed illustrator becaus of your great work and vlogs that you are sharing !:) <3

  5. My fiance tried the stick on a cup thing for his avocado tree but actually the one that has been growing for the past 5 years is one that he just stuck in the dirt 😂 I think it's all about chance with these things. The problem we have now is that it's too cold in the winter to plant in the dirt lest it die so we have to keep trimming it to keep it in the house so it can't grow enough to sprout avocados 😕 Good luck girl, love your content and the kind of mood you set 👍💕

  6. I really love your studio vlogs Sara. I also run my business around my daughter’s schedule, hang in there it gets much easier. Looks like you’re doing great 👏🏽 I’m not an artist but I love your drawings so much. Maybe you could do a what I eat in a day as your meals look so interesting. Do you use any recipe books or blogs? Big love from London

  7. I want to do your challenge but I always wear the same thing on Mondays because of my parttime job. Katnipp thought It was a good idea to draw myself cooking something different every week…lol

  8. So cute!!! My little one is three months 🖤 that’s so awesome that your hubby helps out and you have it all scheduled like that. I need to be more organized like that with my studio time. Very inspired, M’lady!

  9. I must say that the food shown every time in your videos looks yummie. I've been think about eating more vegetarian/vegan. Do you have a Pinterest board with recepies?

  10. Thank you for vlogging! This is such an inspiration for us women, I still don’t have a child but I’m planning and producing art while taking care of my baby is a concern of mine 🙂

  11. Hi Sara! You can put the avocado seed in water (fully submerged) or just leave it in a pot with soil that you water regularly! After a while it sprouts! Just a tip, because I have about seven avocado trees in my balcony 😛 they don’t get bigger or proper avocado tree size unless planted in soil (in earth not a pot)! But they have lovely leaves! And remember they need sunlight and lots of water!

    xx much love 🙃

  12. Hey
    Ich habe auch einen Avocado Baum gepflanzt und bei mir hat es super funktioniert
    Ich habe am Anfang den Kern sogar noch etwas weiter ins Wasser hängen lassen UND wichtig: ich habe ihn geschält. Da ist ja so eine Haut drum, die hab ich abgemacht (hab das so in einem Video gesehen)
    Eine bekannte hat mehrmals versucht eine avocado zu ziehen und das nie gemacht und bei ihr hat’s nie geklappt, also vielleicht ist das ein wichtiger Schritt, ich weiß es nicht😅

    Wie gesagt ich habe den Kern immer zu 3/4 ins Wasser hängen lassen und dann heißt es viel Geduld haben ☺️
    Bei mir hat’s bestimmt bis zu 8 Wochen gedauert bis überhaupt etwas zu sehen war

    Aber als es dann erstmal losging war sie nicht mehr zu stoppen 😊

    Sobald unten ein „Schwanz“ rausgewachsen ist, der nicht mehr wirklich Platz im Glas hatte, hab ich sie dann in ganz gewöhnliche blumenerde eingepflanzt und auch direkt einen relativ großen Topf genommen (weiß nicht ob das wichtig war aber sieht bezüglich der mittlerweile erreichten Größe nicht falsch aus)
    Dann immer feucht halten und beim wachsen beobachten 😊
    Letzter wichtiger tip: sobald erstmal etwa 5 große Blätter gewachsen sind, oben dieses kleine Blatt, das da raus guckt abschneiden, denn dann kommt ein neuer Stiel mit neuen Blättern, ansonsten wächst der erste immer nur länger.
    So das war alles was ich an Erfahrung gesammelt habe ☺️ hoffe ich konnte helfen


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