I’m kicking off #Vlogmas 2018 with a fast rundown of what I’m as much as, new garments I scored and a little bit life chat. Apologies for getting this began so late! Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

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  1. I love your videos so much…I also admire you a lot. Love from Trinidad. Can you do a video about migrating to Canada? Thank you.

  2. So glad you are doing vlogs more now. I love your sophisticated lifestyle. Other Youtubers are too young and/or flashy for me. On another note, hopefully your family will have a great 2019.

  3. Life has many ups and downs, and sometimes, you really feel overwhelmed with the downfalls. But, in any situation, God should remain our anchor! I hope for you that next year will bring more joy than anything else, on the name of God…. You've got yourself a really nice coat, by the way 😊

  4. Thank you for being forthcoming about your family situation. It's not easy dealing with an illness of a parent. My mother is dealing with an illness but thankfully I have several sisters and a brother and family who help us cope… I'm not a huge fan of IG but I enjoy watching the videos on YouTube for sure. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, everyone needs a break … your makeup is flawless ❤❤❤❤❤

  5. So so sorry to hear about your trials, loss of aunt and family health issues. Life is a gamble but goodness is everywhere too!!
    You're doing the right things for you and that's all that matters. Merry Xmas to you all 🎄🥂

  6. I saw how difficult it was for you to share the death and the losses you went through; and are still going through. It is not easy( I can imagine) for trendsetters, especially to share the not-so-fun side of their lives with the world. It's OK to take a break and spend more time with family. I thanks God for His blessings on you: the success of your dad's transplant, having Reese in your life, and a good marriage, work, health etc.
    Those are the things to focus on, and draw strength from, when the going gets tough.
    I truly admire your courage and consistency in blogging. From my heart, I wish you the very best in the next year, and a happy happy Christmas!!!
    By the way, I love that wooly jacket. You make me fall in love with Winter always😘😘

  7. Last comment I promise..don't worry you are not alone.2018 has been so rough for me too.but now with the year ending I see why God took me through all those things.There are great things awaiting you in 2019 and He has been preparing you..and I love that despite your hurdled God kept you in His Joy as you have still been radiant.especially this year..You have radiated more than ever..


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