Watch guidelines each man must know!

Topic of dialogue: Did you realize all of those watch guidelines for males? Which one was your favourite?

Watch Rules EVERY Guy Should Know | How To Wear a Watch
Today I needed to go over the watch guidelines each man ought to comply with. Too many guys put on massive watches with free straps and on the mistaken wrist! Time for a fast lesson on easy methods to put on a watch correctly!

What I’m sporting:
Jacket: DIESEL
T-Shirt: Uniqlo
Watch: Rolex Submariner
Rings: Serge DeNimes

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Watch Rules EVERY Man Should Follow | How To Wear a Watch
Watches for males, watch guidelines for males, easy methods to put on a watch accurately

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  1. Wrong Mr Video man most people wear their watch on their left hand because watch makers design watches to go on your left. Proof set the time with your watch on your left hand, then put your watch on your right hand and try to set the time again , it would be very difficult with the watch crown facing towards your elbow.

  2. I can't wear my watch on my right arm even though I'm a lefty because the knob is on the outside of the watch when I wear it on my left hand and on the inside when I wear it on right and when it's on the inside the knob digs into my wrist if I bend it inwards.

  3. I can tell if a man does any real work- he is wearing a diver ( and not a Million dollar Rolex )or a G-Shock and no rings or a wedding ring ( at the most). I have seen a few fingers ( degloved) and it is not pretty and painful as hell. Look up degloving ,it might change the way you feel about rings. I'm just a country boy trying to help out you city boys, god knows( hell everybody that knows me) knows that I can't spell fachion much less know what is in fashion or not.

  4. Oh and one more thing,a real watch enthusiast matches his clothing to his watch not his watch to his outfit, and when it comes to the size we always push it to the limits!

  5. Wearing a watch no matter big or small you have to be able to stick your pinky through the bracelet underneath your wrist. I wear my sub like this and the next day I wear my Beautiful MT-G or MR-G in that same fashion, 99% of times on my left arm. And by the way I am a 100% tatooless dude. Cheers.

  6. Liked and subscribed but I disagree, the watch does not look good sitting that far back on the forearm. It looks way better & is the most comfortable where it doesn’t hang over your hand to lose but it loosely caresses the arm over the wrist bone. Nothing looks worse than wearing a watch that smug on the forearm above the wrist. Looks like your wearing a children’s watch that’s too tight.
    The way you’re wearing yours in the video looks fine but the picture diagram used for the thumbnail on the video it’s completely not right. The more symmetrical balanced look would be somewhere in between the right and wrong way that you have in the the thumbnail diagram

  7. "Don't wear big watches. That draws attention to yourself." 
    Later on in video….
    "Check out my Instagram to see my new tattoos and btw, I'm off to London and Portugal this week."

  8. So theres no point in wearing a dress watch under a dress shirt cause you won't be
    able to see it. Is this where the dress iphone comes in?

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  10. just buy an apple watch and a bunch of bands done you can were it at any ocasion and just make the face look classy
    edit: sorry i wasent a the smart watch section

  11. I wear my watch loose, at the end of my wrist – girls wear it tight, higher up the wrist and you do look like you spend more time in front of the mirror than my girlfriend, so thanks for the advice, but I'll pass. We don't all aspire to look like a yuppie – some of us have got swag!

  12. Deberían despedir a quien edito el video, en todos los clips usa el reloj entre el hueso de la muñeca y la mano, mientras el dice que no lo hagas!!! Jajajajaja muy contradictorio


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