Nova Oasis

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In this episode, Parker and Chester examine a voice coming from a vent.

Parker’s Instagram: @parkerhaj
Chester’s Instagram: @snipertrader20

Instagram: @luxurypranks
Snapchat: @luxurypranks

DISCLAIMER: These movies are produced with the intent entertain and promote on-line security. Do not attempt to replicate the acts you see at dwelling.

Nova Oasis


  1. Man: wanna play a game?
    Me: ya lets play catch the grenade ill throw first.
    Me Throws Grenade
    Man: well fuck…
    Me: *shoots vent to be sure
    Man: OOF
    Me: *goes to sleep

  2. It actually happened on my dad's friend. My dad's friend lived with a babysitter for their child. But they hearing weird noises at the vent every weekend. Its super weird. They tought it was rats but its not. So my dad came to their house to check their vent, and he just found the boyfriend of the babysitter living in the vent for only weekend. After that the babysitter got kicked out, the boyfriend have been disturbing the whole house and make them paranoid of ghosts😑


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