I attended my buddies wedding ceremony and my wedding ceremony Clothes was discovered hanging exterior the social gathering…

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  2. I hate how brides think they should fully dictate the bridesmaids dresses. Yes pic the color an style of those dressses for your wedding. But if the type of dress doesn't work for one bridesmaids body type or what shes comfortable in, don't be a b*tch.
    If i ever get married i want my bridesmaids to be comfortable in their dresses.

  3. I admit I just don't understand why the bridal party absolutely MUST have the same dress. I get it's a tradition and all, but really, what's the point? It just causes a lot of unnecessary complications because not everyone is the same size/has the same style/has the same budget/looks good in the same colours. When I was a maid of honour, there were three maids of honour on the bride's side and a bestman + bestma'am on the groom's side. All they told us was to dress up in autumn colours (the theme of their wedding) and that's all. They wanted us to be there on their day as us, expressing our own styles, feeling comfortable and to make an effort to look our best for their wedding. The five of us did get these matching fabric roses to set us apart from the other guests though. Some of use wore it on out wrists like a bracelet, the bestman had his on the breast pocket of his jacket, I had mine in my hair etc. Lots of stress was avoided and the pictures looked great^^ When I get married, I want to do the same. Just state the colour theme, tell if any colour is an absolute no-no because it will be mine or my groom's colour (not sure if I'll wear white) and suggest some accessory that everyone gets.

  4. I mean buying the dress your friend wanted but couldn’t get is kinda not nice.. I wouldn’t do that and would be annoyed if that happened to me lol. Weight has nothing to do with it, it could be not having enough money, or whatever other reasons exist.

  5. I hate it when people say if you're my real friend you would do this for me. It's like if you were a real friend you wouldn't ask people to be that uncomfortable or do something they've really didn't feel right doing in the first place. Such hypocrisy

  6. The story about the ill fitting dress. What exactly is boob tape for? Is it used for support when women don't want to wear a bra under their dress or does it have another purpose?

  7. Can anyone time stamp the story the title is referring too? I use my arrow keys to click through and read the stories myself and must have missed it.

  8. I hate that some of these stories ends with a cliff hanger….uurgh so stressful I just wanna what happens next. Especially the ones where family takes the wrong side. 😤🤣

  9. The overweight bridesmaid is the ass. She assured bride she would lose weight and week before wedding said she wasnt even close to fitting dress. The bride had been willing to get a weight neutral dress. If I was the bride I'd be pissed too. It was shitty of bridesmaid to say she would lose weight and didnt. She should pay for another dress from designer since it's her fault for making a promise she couldn't keep.

  10. That first story is one hell of a ride! 😂 I APPLAUD THIS AWESOME BRIDESMAID for both the adventure and the storytelling.

  11. First story – She is just awesome!!! I would buy her a drink and all the food she wants! Such a badass!
    The story with Emma – Yes it is your wedding however Your friendship is timeless; There are dresses that can match what she wanted and should respect your friends modestly. the 'Your my friend I thought you would be more understanding, can't you do this for me once!?' I know its wedding stress but that is really excusable for what she said.
    Last story – Yea I should leave to; Her sister was THERE when everyone is saying 'The dress is bad' and when the hair and makeup were being done; I get the feeling the sister use the wedding to be an ass to ehr sister, her family shouldn't sided with the sister. Again yes wedding stress but it doesn't mean being an asshole to family!

  12. I love how the person described the laughs and interaction between her and the police officer. Had me laugh when she said muttley the dog HAHAHAHAHA it’s like you can almost imagine it 🤣 brilliant stuff


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