Hi Everyone!

This week was more durable than final week for me with staying at house and I think about subsequent week will likely be even tougher. How are all of you feeling? All of your superior help and considerate and uplifting feedback are a vivid spot in my day – thanks!

This week was a bit extra informal than I often am – think about that!

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Smoothie this week: Rise & Chai
Revive Superfoods
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Jacket – Sol Angeles, Nuuly (see beneath)
Tee – Old Navy: https://go.magik.ly/ml/vcta/
Jeans – Dear John, Mix and Match Box
Shoes – Converse, Trunk Club (see beneath)
Jewelry – Lia Sophia & Touchstone by Swarovski

Boots – Borne
Cardigan – Nine Britton, Stitch Fix (see beneath)
Dress – Lou & Grey, Loft
Jewelry – Lia Sophia

Jeans – Flying Monkey, Buckle
Sweater – Allison Joy, Evereve
Shoes – Sam Edelman, Nordstrom: https://go.magik.ly/ml/umbd/
Jewelry – Lia Sophia

Top – Chaser, Evereve: https://go.magik.ly/ml/vcte/
Pants – Target: https://www.target.com/p/women-s-mid-rise-skinny-pants-knox-rose-almond-tan/-/A-76506185?preselect=54322463#lnk=sametab
Shoes – Vince Camuto, Nordstrom
Jewelry, Rocksbox (see beneath)

Sweater – Target: https://www.target.com/p/women-s-crewneck-oversized-tie-dye-pullover-sweater-wild-fable-pink-white/-/A-78781598?preselect=78442043#lnk=sametab
Jeans – KFTK, trendsend (see beneath)
Shoes – Sam Edelman, Nordstrom: https://go.magik.ly/ml/umbd/
Jewelry – WHBM

Jacket – Loft
Top – Chaser, Evereve: https://go.magik.ly/ml/vctk/
Jeans – KFTK, Wantable (see beneath)
Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell, Nordstrom
Ring / Necklace – Rocksbox (see beneath)
Earrings – Lia Sophia

Tee – Reformation Jeans, Nordstrom
Jeans – Articles of Society, Fashom
Jacket – Stage99, Trendsend (see beneath)
Shoes – Linea Paolo, Nordstrom
Necklace – Lia Sophia
Earrings – Touchstone by Swarovski

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  1. Hi Laura, enjoyed your OOTD, somedays you just seem so sad, I know it is hard, I worked from home for almost a year so I could give my hubby 24/7 care, and it is trying, your days blend together, you tend to work more hours to prove you are actually working from home, and it is so easy to get burned out and depressed. Xena and Wyatt are just as cute as always! So on to the clothes…I love that Nine Britton Cardigan and dress outfit, the sweater from Stitch Fix, I liked the black booties with the AOS jeans on Sat, because it did tie in the dark colors of the tee and the moto jacket. And my absolute fav of the week was the Friday outfit, from the Jeffrey Campbell booties, the jeans the Def Leppard top and the Loft jacket – Love it!! Take care, we will get thru this…stay strong!!

  2. Wyatt!! What an adorable guy 🙂 I really liked your Nuuly jacket on Sunday. I'd keep it. Your mules look nice. Every outfit looks terrific, my favs were Wednesday and Saturday. Love the light pink pants with dark shoes. I telework 100% now and I feel fortunate, but do feel isolated at times! Hugs to Xenna💗

  3. Hi Laura. All of your outfits looked great. 👚👖I did like the black shoes 👢with the white jeans even though I typically don't like that look on myself. I've been laid off from my job since the 19th and have only been out of my house a few times to work in the yard. I'm quite the introvert , so being home has not been too bad. One of my two cats did seem a bit confused for most of last week. Hopefully this week she'll be back to normal. Stay safe and healthy. Hopefully this week will be easier for you.

  4. Hi from New Zealand. We are abt. half way through the first week of four at this stage. It has rained nearly every day since the lock down started. Love you’re video’s they really take you’re mind off things for a while keep them coming you are doing a great job. Hope everyone stays safe.

  5. I'm losing track of what day it is too. All is well here in California. I have to wonder if you dress up a little bit more, knowing you are going to do the OOTD videos. I'm not resorting to PJs or anything like that. But I do wear suede booties when it's raining – because I'm not leaving my house! I bet the pups like having you home every day.

  6. As a single, retired extrovert, self quarantine is torture as I get energy being with people. But you and several other You Tubers are my lifeline every day. Thanks for your cheerfulness and of course, wyatt cheers us all up!

  7. Oh there's Wyatt, i so want to cuddle him. Well i keep telling you that on IG. We are only allowed out for one walk a day now. Nice jeans for day 1. I really like the edging contrast to the animal print on day 1 jacket. Only one of us went out to get the shopping for all of us this weekend and thar was my daughter. It was a major expedition with gloves and milton and then the grocery packets were disinfected when she got it home. What a palava.

  8. You always look fabulous. Wishing you and your family health and happiness. Stay safe. Thank you for all the videos during this uncertain time!!!

  9. Thank you for trying to keep it normal. I liked all your outfits, but loved the one with the pink jacket & shoes. Stay safe yourself & remember…we will get through this😁

  10. Teenage daughter is struggling. She feels like she is being 'punished'. She's old enough to know that is not the case, but doesnt understand why she cant go hang out with friends. We are on stay in place order and it's been really hard for her. Thanks for the normalcy, 😀

  11. Hello Hello Hello! I really like those big cuff jeans. Such a cute simple outfit with your Converse! Tuesday, I love your right-hand cross ring, that is really pretty, I just bought two kinds of chai tea! I'm loving it since I seem to have lost my taste for coffee. That bright sweater just took things up a notch of happiness! I decided at the beginning of this thing, that I do not live with fear, I just don't believe in it. I've been doing a few daily meditations of ever-expanding light and comfort for people, especially people I may not know who might be scared. We all have an energy body of light and I believe we can expand it for healing each other, this six feet apart thing was really bothering me, so I changed my mind about it and decided to "throw" my healing energy farther than the limits of the quarantine. At the grocery stores here everything is cordoned off with literal RED-tape. I'm just looking past it with a sense of calm. Smiling and sending love, to the folks who are near me, the response has been just lovely. When I go out either walking or riding my bike I just think to myself it's okay…I can love you from here. I have felt very calm and relaxed (maybe because I switched to tea ) The leopard pants are adorable! I love that you wore them with bright blue jewelry. I love that dusky pink jacket, it must have either Lyocell or Tencel in its fabrication, my favorite for a light but substantial-feeling soft jacket. That outfit rocked hard! How fun to teleconference with a team theme! I liked the black booties with that outfit, because of the holes in the shoes, and the pattern match with the sweatshirt. You make my Sundays better! Thank you for sharing the lightness of your being. This week I wore several matching fleece PJ sets and two onesies…instead of my normal mismatched and homeless-looking huge t-shirts with my weirdest leggings!

  12. Hi Laura, thanks so much for your videos! I have always enjoyed them but even more so lately in these unsettling times. You look amazing in everything as always! I am wearing my dark blue Def Leopard tee today that I picked up recently in a Trendsend box. I love it as well and I love how you paired it with the pink jacket. Take care!

  13. Hi Laura, I look forward to every one of your videos! I loved your outfit on Sunday with your new Trend Send T and the pants. Also like your outfit with the dress and cardigan. The purple boots are fabulous!! My favorite video this week was the one from Trend Send. Your face lit up and you were so happy to see some of your favorite pieces. That was a great box!! Thanks for being real with some not so great days, we are all in this together and will get through this! You are so used to being on the go, it definitely is a change of pace. Love your channel!!😊🌸

  14. Hi Laura! Good to see you and hear you're family and puppers are well. Having a hard time staying motivated while working at home; in fact, going into the office today when no one else is there to pick up hard files and empty my inbox. Oh yeah, I also have that pink jacket from the Loft. Is Loft an IPO? If so, why don't I have stock! 🙂 And it's still raining…ciao from Seattle!

  15. I just wanted to say thank you for continuing to bring us videos. I have been laid off my job and have been really stressed, so it is great to have a sweet distraction. I love seeing Wyatt too!

  16. Hi Laura! I'm sure your sidekicks are loving having you home – I know my little guy is confused by not seeing anyone when we go for his walk – and he's not wanting to go out and prefers to use a puppy pad (what's up with that?).  I'm making things to do – washed off the leaves on some of my fake plants today – how desperate is that? Going to make a quick trip to the store today – would like to bake, but am almost out of flour/butter etc. Hope nobody yells at me for not shopping at my designated time! Losing track of days is what happens when you retire!! The first thing I do in the am when I wake up is to figure out what day it is – may not happen immediately, but can usually get it in a minute or two! Today I painted my toenails, too! Think that's all I can manage today – have to pace myself! Have a good day!

  17. I need to up my work from home style. . .loved your outfits! Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's were my favorites. We're doing well – I like working from home, but the endless conference calls get a bit old (but overjoyed to still being able to work). My ears get sore from my headphones and they make my hair go frizzy on the top. A good look! I was supposed to get my hair cut on Friday, so I'll be rocking some longer hair for a while.

    I laughed about the dog walks – the familiar ear perk up with the W-A-L-K word . . . sniff dawdle dawdle, sniff dawdle dawdle. We drove to another town and walked around a lake last night (sans the doggo). So nice. We'll probably do it again tonight – high of 87 today! My coworkers did a virtual happy hour which was really fun. My bookclub may do a virtual book club on Wednesday. Meanwhile . . . I keep moving forward with my deep spring clean. . . I did get out this morning to grocery shop for my parents. I hope you find some joy this week (maybe a virtual meet up with your friends) and your family stays healthy & happy!

  18. Hi Laura, Love watching I loved all of your outfits but my favorites were Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. You should do should it say or should it go shoes lol 😆 Wyatt sure is a loyal little guy always by your side💕 these are tough times thank you for making a little easier❤️

  19. Hi Laura!!!! Great outfits!!!!!! Thank you for going through the effort to make this video happen!!!!! My favorite outfit was the t-shirt dress with the long leopard duster, so cute!!!! Take care buddy!!!! ❤️Kathy

  20. Thank-you for keeping up with your videos! My favorite is the OOTD video on Sunday. I look forward to it every week. I'm a piano teacher, so no work for me right now…But I love my clothes, so I dress up my dress form in work clothes while I wear comfort clothes! It's like playing dressup.

  21. Hello Laura. An interesting post would be how you care for your clothes and how various brands hold up under repeated laundering. Also how you organize your closet to make outfit selections easier. Thankyou.

  22. Omg. Wyatt is just so funny and adorable. Love your OOTD. Thanks for the uplift. Love that first jacket from Nuuly. Look forward to trying that service when all of this quarantining ends and things get back to normal. Hang in there!

  23. Good morning Laura 🙂 I loved your OOTDs, especially Friday and Saturday. Every outfit was complete and looked so comfy! It's Sunday and I'm headed back to work. Mon-Fri this week I hope to work remote from home again. I hope your throat feels better. Sore throats are going around CA too. Probably just normal stuff, I think it's spring and the blossoms are in the air and allergies kick-up. Stay happy and I'll see you tomorrow!

  24. Love your at home outfits, you rock them! You look amazing! Thank you for the motivation to get dressed during these crazy times. Also thanks for the Revive update, I was wondering if you loved them. Stay safe and healthy.

  25. Hi Laura, thanks for sharing your OOTD this week. Love all of them. I hope I am not being presumptuous but I was wondering if I could give you a video idea. A video of your “favorites”; I,e, favorite sandals, purse, earrings, necklace, mules, booties, sweater, graphic tee, tie dye, animal print, skirt, jumpsuit, dress, jeans, blouse, and JACKET, good luck with that LOL. Just a suggestion, I would love to see your favorites from your wardrobe. Blessings to you and your family, stay healthy. Thanks for the extra videos! Sheila

  26. Hello Laura! Great week of outfits! It’s so important to get up and get dressed during this hard time. My daughter was supposed to get married Friday so last week was a little rough emotionally for us. But she has rescheduled it and has a great attitude about it ! Thanks for sharing and spreading a little sunshine!

  27. Hi Laura. Loved the outfits. And really liked every one of the shoes. Wyatt is such a good sport. Poor little Xena with her short legs!!! Thanks for being so real and helping us have a bright spot during this time. My kids are definitely feeling the strain and so I worry about them. Take care.

  28. You are looking a lot better than I am, LOL! I have all of the clothes in my closet, but nothing beats my leggings, T-shirts and sweatshirts right now. It is a mood boost to put in more effort–I stepped it up to jeans a couple of times and I felt better. Thank you for looking fabulous at home anyway.

  29. Thanks for showing your outfits. My family is healthy but my teenaged daughter is having a tough time with this. Keeping her motivated and not diving into depression has been tough.


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