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  1. 1. Tintin hair
    2. Short sides
    3. Slick back and short sides
    4. Young Justin Bieber hair
    5. Buzz cut
    6. Skinny jeans
    7. Straight caps
    8. Ronaldo hair
    9. Only wearing sport sneakers
    10. To tight clothes

  2. I dunno y but, some kind of happy charisma is missing in ur present VDOes – than past ones..
    M here after 1 year so, probably it's just parallax.

  3. A few years ago, I started wearing full coloured outfits (like all black, all brown, all blue) and thought it looked cool. They were the least fashionable looks I pulled off in my life

  4. Hey Joe, who am I to judge but with this hair color I really recommend to shorten your hair at least by a third – whilst longer black hair look almost always good with little effort, the platinum blonde with your haircut is just too obtrusive and peacocky

  5. As a colored person and being the only child that didn’t have textured hair, I decided to go blonde… worst thing to do. It already was obvious that my hair was the mutant in my family

  6. I used to do a flip with a lot of gel and it was very crusty and hard to get the gel out when I shower but now I kinda do the same thing but I push it to the side with proper hair styling products that is meant for my hair type

  7. Man oh man I still remember how huge was the "max volume movement" back in 2015/2016.
    Personally at that time I was in high school and, even if I had kinda longer sides, I still figured things out (pretty badly) to get a mohawk styling the hair on top of my head by using generous amount of hairspray. Damn those were the days lol

  8. Had a buzz cut my whole life, decided to grow my hair long when I hit high school, and I’ve never looked back. (That was only 4 years ago)

  9. 1) I put a pound of gel in my hair without even using a comb
    2) really long hair in need of a haircut. My ears where covered in hair and my hairline looked whack
    3) not caring if clothing items matched or not
    4) wearing ridiculous striped clothing and skin tight Jeans


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