LTE, ECG, and a new vibrating contact bezel. We break down what you want to learn about the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

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Galaxy Watch Active 2 has an ECG function, nonetheless cheaper than the Apple Watch:

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  1. How is the size of the wristband? Can't seem to find any info on it. I have very thin wrists and another youtuber said that could be a problem. There are no physical shops around where I live so I can't try it on. Does anybody have some numbers?

  2. I upgraded from S2 to Active2, big improvement. Smooth UI and love the bezel. Not as many apps as Apple watch, but essentials: Spotify, Starbucks ("SB Coffee Card"), Face app are all I really need. I would suggest you add to your video once you have experience with real-life battery rundown time. Much better than the competition.

  3. So with the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 watch with Bluetooth you can still use LTE to receive calls and have conversations or do you have to pay an extra service to have conversations and make phone calls on the watch?

  4. The best part of the gear sport bezel was that it protected the screen when you bumped into stuff, that's what I wanted the bezel for, but they went with this touch version..
    It better have the best glass in the world..

  5. Hello, Anyone know the status of the LTE (44mm) Active 2 watch. I can't find it available. While Best Buy says you can buy it, they don't have a date. One person on the Samsung forum says there is a major flaw and the FCC is telling Samsung they can't sell it. Anyone know what's up?

  6. I'm undecided between the sga2 and the sg watch..i am going to upgrade my handset from the note 9 to the note 10 plus, but cannot decide on the smartwatch

  7. Question: For a first-time smartwatch, would you recommend the Active or the Active 2? I'm concerned that the rotation bezel will have issues that the digital bezel would not.

  8. Just purchased the 46mm Samsung Galaxy Watch two weeks ago and love it. This Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 looks really nice but, I love having 4 day's of battery life on a single charge. Also to be honest, this 44mm Active 2 looks a little bit to dainty for me.


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