HAPPY new YEAR EVERYONE!! Thank you for all of the love and help this 12 months – we love every single one in every of you! Today we thought we might attempt one thing a little bit totally different with a fashion Nova haul video! Would you prefer to see extra like this? All the outfits on this video are linked under 🙂 Today we filmed a Who wore it Best? fashion Nova *SISTER VS SISTER*

Outfit one: https://www.fashionnova.com/collections/matching-sets/products/can-you-rib-it-set-heather-grey

Outfit two: https://www.fashionnova.com/collections/new/products/kallan-knit-dress-yellow

Outfit three: https://www.fashionnova.com/collections/new/products/feeling-of-love-top-ivory

Outfit 4: https://www.fashionnova.com/products/portland-midi-dress-heather-grey

Outfit 5: https://www.fashionnova.com/products/fish-out-of-water-pant-set-black?variant=12188314730620

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  1. I really love laila when she's angry. Lol. But this video really shows how happy and positive person she is. 😍😍😍 Love u girl..
    P/s: for me you look more beautiful in every outfit… Maybe because they are just your style and it suits u well too

  2. Yasmin needs to relax and be a bit more confident. Just watching her slouch made me uncomfortable. She has a gorgeous figure! I think you guys need to drop a fitness and health video!! Body goals.

  3. Im not a subscriber but I stumbled upon this video and thought it was cute…first off you and your sister are beautiful and have great bodies…but i give it 2 u not because one looked better but because the way your sister positioned her body with all those goofy postures and didnt pose like u ,didnt do the outfits any justice


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