Located in Spring City PA, USA Kilts is a workforce of American kilt makers who’ve been making males’s kilts in genuine clan tartans since 2003. We craft a full vary of kilts proper in our store, from our price range informal kilt to our conventional machine sewn, hand-finished 8-Yard kilt. We concentrate on all points of highland put on and Celtic Clothes together with Scottish, Irish and Welsh kilts and equipment.

E-mail: gross sales@usakilts.com


  1. Reality TV shows are NOT reality ! It is the reason I dumped cable television . Your YouTube segments are short and to the point . I have learned a lot from your vids and tune in everyday now to see what's new .  TV at its finest ….without the TV .LOL

  2. Honestly, I would watch a 30-40 minute video about your shop, your history, why you are passionate about highlandwear and kiltmaking, why Eric is into the history that he is (I suspect that it's way more than the clothes!), why Lucas is into music, how you do things, how you interact with connections in the UK, your philosophy, your perspective as an American company, trials you've gone through, successes and outlook, etc. We could also hear from Sue! It would be a lot of time and effort to do it well, though, and we all appreciate how much you interact with us already.

  3. Besides, the camera crews would be too busy following Lucas around as he showed them yet another musical instrument or played another tune, or talked to them about another obscure topic…. 😄

  4. because 5000 views on youtube videos are more than the amount of people that would watch reality TV!
    I advise not caring about getting a new job in a dying medium and instead just build it here but that's my opinion 😀


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