Chappell v. Chappell: A North Carolina girl worries that her affair resulted in an out-of-wedlock baby.


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Wife Reveals Bedroom Issues In Court (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Season 2, Episode 19

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  1. This gal dumped his husband and went back to a lover who is married…and when in tyme the guy lover dumped her and gone from ds the moral is that love what u have and be satisfy dont hurt pure relationship…

  2. She humiliated him in public… How in the world he could live with her after this…. Dude life is short find a good woman don't waste your time with her. Move on…

  3. She is not right in the head! How she is under the impression she is "honest" escapes me!! She is immature, selfish and suffers from self-esteem issues.

  4. There are no "mistakes", just decisions! I went through the same thing with my ex-wife. I swore to myself that I would leave her when my youngest son turned 16 and 6 years later I left and divorced her.


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