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~Young Living Website~ (The BEST important oils on the planet)

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Strivecin Melt Matrix cleanser http://bit.ly/2S2dtXV

Stivectin Starlight evening oil http://bit.ly/2Qw87Hz

Strivectin wrinkle focus eye cream http://bit.ly/2S03hPz

Dior Radiance mist http://bit.ly/2QwxGZ7 or http://bit.ly/2Qv0PUB

Armani luminous silk basis http://bit.ly/2Qw91DX or http://bit.ly/2S2hbAP

Lancome Absolute powder http://bit.ly/2S2jbsK

Hourglass Strobe powder http://bit.ly/2Qxv1P7 or http://bit.ly/2S0aWxt

YSL black opium fragrance http://bit.ly/2QB5UuR or http://bit.ly/2S7icI4

Top http://bit.ly/2S3LFma
Lips city decay

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  1. Hey, Doll!!! I JUST bought the Armani LS off Zulily. Perfect color, 5.5, but what’s the trick to application? Lurve Black Opium! One of my faves. Keep up the great work!! 💋 from Baltimore!

  2. Where is your Christmas decorations? You should do a quick picture of your living room christmas tree/decorations to get us in the Festive Mood. 🎄🎄

  3. Your making money from this hence the bit/ly link no I've tried lots this an over priced does nothing!! Un subscribing as the bit/ly link is well known scam you say not v sponsored but make a killing off subscribers using that link

  4. Nat you look so SEXY GRUNGE today- Love how you are switching up your look. I also express myself (even though I am behind the scenes at a talent agent) with hair, makeup and clothing. LOVE BISH! STUNNING! xo Mar

  5. Giorgio Armani is one of my favourite foundations, I’ve just brought a new bottle for Christmas 😂. Is the Lancôme powder similar to the Laura Mercier one, we can’t buy it any more in Australia so I’m looking for something that works just as beautifully. XX 💜

  6. Nat it is totally unfair that you look gorgeous with dark or light hair…I too love the Armani silk…. I'm so old school and old, I put it on with fingers..😱…I'm so confused right now about skincare .. I've looked a drunk elephant, strivectin, perricone, and all the others that are expensive in my world and I just know I need something serious for night and day, retinol and could it get more confusing. Ive used genefique, visionnaire, you name it. I want something new and all from the same brand so they're meant to work together. I appreciate your reviews girl…🤗

  7. I having been hunting for over a year but to no avail to get the Lancôme Powder here in the UK I’ve been dying to try it, if anyone knows how I can get it please let me know! Yes to the Dior spray you got me into that and I love it but I’m nearly out so hopefully it will go on sale after the holidays so I can stock up xx

  8. My face was definitely “crack whore” dry today. It was disgusting. I had to remove everything from the nose down and start again with an oil and then my foundation.winter sucks, i am in ny

  9. I love Black Opium😍 I just wish it lasted on me:( So, I have stopped repurchasing and instead use Lancôme La Nuit Tresor or La Vie Est Belle- which last on me for hours❤️

  10. Have you tried the VDL Liminess primer yet? Ughh, it's so good!I use it under the Armani Silk & it's amazing. Oh, and topped with Dior Radiance. Perfection. Great video! XO!

  11. Girrrrrll !! I looove that top!! Love Strivectin !! I need that eye cream!!! Love your nose ring!!Your skin looks great!!! OMG THAT LANCÔME POWDER IS BOMB!!!!Black Opium IS the Jackie KennedyOnassis of perfume!!! Clllaaaassssiiiicccc!!! Love you 😍🍾🥂💃

  12. OMG I am laughing my head off!! Black Opium is one of my favs too for the winter months!!! Yes, definitely in the winter months crack hoe, took some time to love this bitch!!!!!!!!!!! See that is where my patience runs out! If something doesn't work for me I am not usually up for trying them over and over "hoping" they will work! How and when do you come to the conclusion, this ain't for me?? Thank you sweet girl for another entertaining video!!! Love and Hugs!!


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