Today’s video options some winter outfit concepts for cold weather. How to layer and preserve heat (whereas nonetheless being trendy) when it’s freezing out! xx


This video was impressed by Allegra’s superior altering vids. You can take a look at her channel right here:


Black triangle bra –
Black rib singlet –
Black rib leggings –

Black fitted turtleneck –
Faded black straight leg denims –
Leather belt – OR
Black sock boots – OR
Faded black cotton turtleneck –
Black outsized parka –
Grey beanie – OR
Grey scarf – OR
Dark gray gloves –

Dark gray fitted turtleneck –
Black silk culottes – OR
Black sock boots – OR
Charcoal gray sweater – OR
Grey cardigan –
Olive cocoon coat –
Grey scarf – OR

White sheer l/s prime – OR
White straight leg denims –
Dark brown belt –
Bone patent boots –
Ivory roll neck sweater – OR
Camel coat – OR
Camel scarf –

B/W printed prime – OR
Black cropped trousers – OR
Charcoal cashmere sweater –
Black pointed toe boots – OR
Charcoal boyfriend blazer – OR
Navy peacoat – OR
Grey beanie – OR
Grey scarf – OR

Black lengthy sleeve knit prime –
Black silk slip costume – OR
Polka dot maxi skirt – OR
Black sock boots – OR
Leather jacket – OR
Bomber jacket – OR
Grey beanie – OR

White sheer l/s prime – OR
Pink roll neck sweater – OR
Black dungarees – OR
Beige ankle boots – OR
Bone patent boots –
Camel coat – OR


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  1. Hi Jamie-Lee! I'm a bit late in leaving a comment on this one, but I wanted to come back to it to watch again and to also say I love all the outfits except the last one with the overalls – yet you do pull that look together very well! 🙌🏻 Unless it's a warm day, most of my wardrobe is geared towards layering in much the same way you've shown here – over here it's often windy and foggy – so I always enjoy fresh ideas on how to add even more layers whilst still looking very well put together. 😊

  2. No idea why I clicked this as it’s currently a heatwave in Sydney and I’m lazing in my bed overheating…and then when I opened it I realised this is perfect for when I’m in Europe, I’m scared about how I’m going to cope with the cold. Where do you get your super tight layering basics? I find a lot of them seem to strangle me which I’m not keen on. Also how do you fit tights/leggings under jeans without feeling like a sausage or waddling penguin?

  3. I wish I had your body type. If I layered that many things on top of each other, I would look like the Michelin man! The outfits are gorgeous though and I really like this format of video 🙂

  4. Hi Jaime, I really enjoyed this video and you put together some great outfits! I am in freezing cold Southern California right now so it's really nice to see these cold weather options. I thought it was still summer where you are … or are you just being especially nice and thoughtful and doing this for those of us in the very cold areas? I guess I shouldn't complain because there are places much colder than L.A. now. Anyway, thank you for a great video and I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. xo, Sue

  5. Wow, thank you so much for this video! I love how you start with a base layer and show outfits that I can actually wear in this weather! Way too many "winter outfits" on here have bare ankles and ripped jeans! I want a winter outfit video that styles snowpants lol… anyway thanks again! The pink sweater outfit was my fav 🙂

  6. So chic and gave me so much inspiration. Its cold, dark and it has been raining and freezing all day here so that was a proper realistic view of what winter layering would be! My favourite outfit is the one with the navy coat but you were so clever with all your pairings! I hope you had a lovely christmas and are enjoying some time with family 🙂

  7. Enjoyed this! The layers were very interesting. For me the part where you get dressed showing each layer could have been a little slower to give time to give time to think how the layering was done and how many layers were in each look. I would like another one like this with some general rules on layering.💕

  8. Thanks for all the cool layering ideas! What size did you pick up in the All Saints leather jacket? Thinking I may invest in one for myself 🙂

  9. You've got a great shape, with the prettiest face ever. 00:00 Loved the act, loved the shape. Could you do a leather leggings video with some crop tops? You'd look sensational. Not now, maybe in summer. It's too cold in Canada now.

  10. I hope you had your AC on or a fan!!! I like this style of video (and I've watched a few of Allegra's before), but I much prefer your style, more appropriate for everyone, more grown up and more stylish really! I've mived back to the South of France, so it's quite funny having a video of yours match my season, but it's not actually that cold, it's around 16 everyday, sunny, blue skies, and of course, it's never gonna snow 😣😣

  11. I like this film so muchhhhhh no matter the style of different dressing combinations n filming skill, so impressed u typed so detailed in the info box, always support, keep going, say hi from Hong Kong🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


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