Winter outfit concepts. How to look cute within the chilly!!

Here’s an up to date the way to look fashionable within the chilly video for 2018. My 2017 model is linked beneath. If you wish to know what to put on within the chilly climate then that is your video. How to decorate for winter climate is the one query we ask ourselves yearly.

In new York January and February is when it is at it is worst temp sensible however you continue to wish to know the way to look cute within the chilly.

Hopefully on the finish you will get some winter outfit concepts on what to put on when it is chilly.






PLUS SIZE fashion + TRY ON:





Satin skirt: Topshop:
Hoop earrings: Mango:
Knit: H&M (previous)



Hand heaters (so good):

Uniqlo Heattech leggings:

Wide leg denim denims proven in video:

SIlk lined wool hats:

Over the knee black boots:

Pink wool beret:

Topshop satin skirt:


Browns Fashion:
Asos (love this):

Hats to strive:

Mango corduroy cap:
Fedora: Maison Michel (on sale):
Shopbop (love their vary):

SIlk lined wool hats:

Touch display screen wool lined leather-based gloves (on sale):

Badass belts to put on over blazers and coats:

Need Supply:










Canon 80D: (lens is 35mm or 50mm)

Vlogging digicam:


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  1. Hi! Nice Tipps. I am from Moscow originally so we know cold weather 🙂 I’ve also discovered winter jeans! They have fuzzy layer on the inside and are perfect for the tights-under-the-Jeans haters 😉 Also using thin Merino running gloves under regular gloves is great. And bringing a hot tea in a thermos cup for the commute when you don’t get to move and feel the cold creeping.

    I now live in Vienna and winter means a snow/rain mix all the time. So it’s cold, wet and windy, the umbrellas fly, the scarf gets wet, the shoes get destroyed. One can not wear a parka and dr martens all the time 🙁 Maybe you have some ideas on how to look presentable on such days and also on how to care for the outerwear/shoes in these conditions?

    Thank you!

  2. For anyone else who suffers from consistently cold feet despite multiple pairs of warm socks: it could be your shoes. If the soles of your shoes are thin, you are losing more heat through them. You can try and remedy this by adding a warm insole to your existing shoe if it will fit, but winter shoes with a platform really really help by putting a thicker sole between your foot and the ground.

  3. Dear Karen, Happy New Year! You made me spend coin again. My fingers had run to La Redoute lickety split after seeing your satin skirt from there in a previous video with the asymmetrical hem but unfortunately it just didn’t look right on me—the shape of the skirt just wasn’t flattering. I faired MUCH better with the Topshop satin bias midi skirt that you showed in this video—unfortunately the blue is sold out but I bought the red and pink and they just arrived today and look perfect. In fact, I was so happy, I checked Topshop’s website to see if blue was maybe back in stock. No luck with blue BUT they have added loads more colors and I got 3 more (golden yellow, khaki, and black). For some reason, the shape of this one is much more flattering on me! The red satin is a very browny red—almost rust—so I think you styled it perfectly with the burgundy colored knit—I plan on following suit or pairing the red one with a bright cherry red knit for some contrast. Love these skirts! A great find thanks to you!

  4. I put cotton in my ears ! wearing a hat & scarf is never enough for me. I put a long cashmere scarf beneath a cotton scarf and use that – it keeps me warmest and the cashmere doesn't rub off on my skin if I sweat. then if I am too warm inside I remove the cashmere scarf and use the cotton one.

  5. Double the gloves!! Glove liners (ski shops) or a thinner glove, I use a pair of black velvet opera length gloves ($4.99 TJ Maxx) under my regular gloves or even better under mittens… the extra layer REALLY makes a difference, Boston here, born in Alaska… we know cold

  6. I do two opaque tights, socks and boots now…why could not figure out that one years ago? I live in Egypt without any form if heating anywhere. Actually many places turn on a cold ac to combat smoking! Also I wear wool or thick dresses, never summer dresses in winter. with a fur lined parka, I can work in bed! LOL!

  7. Karen you know what you’re talking about !!!
    I’ve worked years outside in inclement weather and found silk long underwear sets and wool or cashmere clothes the best combination. ( Save $$ and look through thrift stores and on line. LandsEnd, LL Bean and REI also sell good quality fashionable winter clothing.)
    Finally either wool insoles or wool socks are the best insolation for your feet. I’ve also found that 100% natural fibers work better than synthetic for keeping you dry, warm and comfortable. Silk wicks away body moisture and wool/cashmere fibers help to trap in heat. Contrary to popular belief, both silk and wool can be hand washed in cold water & mild soap, and laid out to dry. When your life depends on your clothing you learn fast what works and what doesn’t.
    Your info and advice is spot on! Thank for sharing!

  8. I wish I had this video to reference 6 years ago. I grew up in LA, went to Uni in Seattle, then moved to NYC. I remember when I experienced my first east coast winter, with the tall buildings effectively acting as a wind tunnel. I had no clue how to dress for the cold while looking stylish. Awesome video, Karen.

  9. uniqlo thermal pieces are very good. Im glad you mentioned them in your video. You are amazing! I wish that ALC dress was still available- it is beautiful and great styling. With dark navy polo neck… perfection:)
    Love your videos as always 👍

  10. I have lived in Winnipeg, MB Canada where the days are regularly -20C. I learned that good quality merino wool long johns including socks are fantastic as I cannot wear traditional wool because of itching. You can wear merino indoors without overheating. Having a hood and or covering the back of the head over to the sides of your face makes a big difference to staying warm. There are so many great down jackets/coats available at outdoor stores and beautiful warm coats by Rudsak$$$. For really cold temps I’ve never found gloves to be warm enough so I wear mittens bought at the outdoor store (not fashionable) but warm and the wind does not go through them. A down or synthetic fill sweater or vest can be worn under a fashion coat for warmth. Thank you for the tips! You look great in the cold weather.

  11. Make friends with Canadians and Scandinavians. We have been taught to dress warmly since childhood. It’s second nature. Canada’s Mountain Equipment Co-op carries a long list of cold weather brands. There is also Helly Hanson for fantastic thermal wear. Also woollens and hand knits offer premium style. Belgianscreare and wear these so beautifully and effortlessly. Stay warm and happy new year.

  12. Just bought a jumper you were wearing roll neck, that colour, was drinking my PG Tips as well, Happy New Year to you & Michael & anyone who reads this 🇬🇧❤️ xx

  13. oh Karen, 24 degrees farenheit is not cold. Minus 40 farenheit is cold – you know – when your nostrils stick together when you inhale


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