Thank you a lot for watching! I hope you had been capable of get some outfit inspiration from this!

Items talked about:
Sweater Two-Piece-


Stripe: In Store- Urban Outfitters
Plaid Top-

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  1. This sounds weird but I feel like we talk the same on our videos lmao not sound the same but talk the same idk random thought but love this video balenciaga knock offs are great

  2. Ugh I am so envious you got the first sweater you showed! First time I saw it was months ago on their instagram, but infortunately they didn't sell it in Europe :/

  3. Tess it seemed like you were acting a lil weird in this video. I hope everything’s okay and it was just the constant noises disturbing the filming process lol and nothing deeper. Sending my love girl

  4. Where do you store all these clothes? You keep getting new ones and I’m just wondering how you can have so much space for all this 🙈 maybe you can give us some storage hacks?

  5. So you basically get a cold Everytime you need to go pee with that jumpsuit (?) It's cute tho. If it were separated it would be perfect. Despite that grey looks great on you

  6. I could never put together an outfit with the stuff you buy! Your so stylish. I wouldn’t even know where to begin!
    Could you possibly do a style walk through video. Showing us what goes with what, and the process of what you go through when you are looking for an outfit! Thanks! Love your videos! Xoxo

  7. Hi, greetings from Indonesia ❤️ I always watching your vlogs, I’m fallin in love with your editing.. Anyway, I got the assignment from my campus to make a video. Would you give me some suggest what application you used for beautiful edit, please? Thank you so much 😭🙏🏼

  8. Can you do a hair style video with the berets? I have one that's so cute but sometimes I'm not sure if it looks right or correct when I try to put it on lol love you 🙂

  9. Your face when you said.. “hopefully this is the last hat in one of my hauls” LOL I love you and I feel like that’s what u sat when I tell myself I’m not buying anymore rugs 😂😂😂


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