Some winter wardrobe necessities that I am unable to stay with out… that is what I wore final week!


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  1. Don't cut off these jeans! They look great just as they are now! And I don't think they are too long, especially when you pair them with slim fitting boots.

  2. Do not cut your jeans. Raw hem is merely a trend. Love all vintage Gucci & Balmain! You got sick from wearing that pretty slip dress in winter. Please wear thermals or fleece lined leggings underneath.

  3. I'd say no on cutting the jeans, I just realized that way too many of mine are raw and I don't want to have to purge them all when I get bored of it.

  4. amazing outfits! can I ask how do you use converse with such a cold weather? If I use my converse now (-2) I will freeze hahha maybe you have a tip for that 🙂

  5. Don’t cut the jeans! I think it’s good to have at least one pair that is a bit longer. They also look so good paired with the boots and gives a bit of a different look.

  6. Don’t cut the jeans! I love the raw hems on your jeans but these look sooooo good that length, and there’s something “cool” about a simple, non distressed jean that isn’t trying too hard. 👍🏼😉

  7. Aritzia, what can I say… do I need all the sweaters-No. Do I WANT all the sweaters- hells YES….and pretty much everything else. Super cute Charlie Brown tree BTW. Hope you're feeling better soon! <3

  8. I have been contemplating on those Marc Fisher combats for a while now, but wasn’t sure until today if this would look good on me bc I’m a shortie 5’2” and I can always use some extra height and you pair them so so well that I was convinced to get them..So does this run true to size, bc I just ordered my true size 7 as they were on amazing deal at Macy’s and I couldn’t pass.. your outfit is always on point👌🏼 enjoying your videos-new subbie here

  9. I wouldn’t cut the jeans, especially since you have a lot that are already cut. It’s nice to have options and you could always do a rough cuff roll up to temporarily shorten them

  10. You officially come my personal "wardrobe guru". Love every piece in this video. The jeans, coats and boots are my winter must-haves. More videos like this pleaseee.


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