A girl rescued a badly burnt and wailing koala from an Australian bushfire. The marsupial was noticed crossing a street among the many flames close to Long Flat in new South Wales.  The native girl, who informed Australia’s Nine News her identify was Toni, rushed to the koala’s assist, wrapping the animal in her shirt and a blanket and pouring water over it. She took  the injured animal to the close by Port Macquarie koala hospital. The nation’s koala populations have been a significant sufferer of the bushfires, with greater than 350 of the animals feared killed in a significant habitat

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Australia fires: all mainland states high 40C as bushfires flare in South Australia ► https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/nov/20/south-australia-bushfire-warning-temperatures-above-40c-forecast-several-states

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  1. Australia has executed ten thousand camels, claiming that camels damage the environment … Where's the animal welfare law? .. This fire happened because of your torture and the execution of camels


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