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  1. My mother gave me her father's wedding ring after he died she said the story behind it counts more than what it looks, it was all old and rusted so I was like "okay, yeah sure" fast forward a few years later I'm now 17 and found out after watching some random videos about diamonds I then look at the ring closely and then I took it to see if it was real or not then …..this ring is a 25 karat white diamond and now my mom wants it back, YEAH NO.

  2. In a Goodwill in Chicago 20 years ago found a beautiful sparkling brooch, I spent my last 15 dollars on. I was a teenager. 11 years after my purchase discover because of the Antique Roadshow I might have something of value. Yup my brooch was Platinum and diamonds. Beautiful piece still wear it.

  3. So, this is a video about a woman and her ring, of which the video contains no actual images of. Just a bunch of stock footage and the most ridiculous narration ever. I hate you.

  4. This woman bought a ring.
    She had it for 30 years.
    A man kept staring at her ring in a grocery store
    He creeped on her hard.
    She got suspicious.
    She sends it to an Auction House.
    They authenticate it as a real diamond.
    She sells it for $850k


  5. An unidentified woman? Is she, by chance, the very same woman that didnt rush her hair for three months a d blackwjdows laid eggs in it and they all hatched and bit her to death? Or the roaches? This sounds suspiciously like urban myth.

  6. My God the narrator has diarrhea of the mouth, get to the damn point for Christ's sake! Towards the time of the point being made I lost interest. Great job did_you_know

  7. I am trying to figure out how to block this channel. I keep forgetting that if it is a video by "Did You Know" I am not interested. Nothing but drawn out stories with absolutely no pictures or video to actually back up the story that is being told.


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