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Today I’m sharing my go-to outfits for working from house and why I prefer to dress even when I’m not going wherever. I’ve been working from house for just a few years now and with so many extra of us out of the blue working from house and practising social distancing, I hope my Ideas can assist deliver some normalcy to your life. As all the time thanks a lot for watching and I’m sending you a digital hug and good well being xx Audrey

Silk Grana Shirt – just a few years previous
Mejuri delicate diamond necklace *gifted
Monica Rich Kosann Necklace *gifted

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  1. I am fortunate enough to get to work from home but I’ve ran into a weird issue since I typically have to work with public I wear a uniform at work but since working from home and not working with public I realize I don’t have clothes I have my work uniform and then my work out clothes that’s about it so these videos have been great for me to try and figure out what is my personal style

  2. That 3rd outfit look so good on you.
    I live in a tropical climate, and that dress certainly would not suit here. But I usually find a dressier top with shorter sleeves and tuck it in to a Linen pant. It's true, I feel productive whenever I dress up.

  3. I work in healthcare. Working is of course more stressful than normal. I have consciously taken things slow mentally and physically at home. I do the same things… cleaning, cooking, etc… just with a slower, more relaxed pace. This is helping me to manage stress while working. I am also ensuring loving communication with my loved ones more than what used to be my normal. I am comforted by seeing the community wear their masks while in public. I continue to be hopeful that everyone will join the effort and understand how their actions directly effect others lives.

  4. I'm a stay-at-home mum and I always ALWAYS get dressed, do makeup and my hair so that I get things done and feel put together. I can't stand wearing PJs all day 🙈 it just feels yucky for me 😂 glad other people can do it!

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  6. Great video, as always. I frequently worked from home, even before this current crisis, so I totally agree with you about mindset. Look 1 is particularly useful on days I have video-conferences. Last week, I had 3 in one day! I can still project an air of polished, but casual, professionalism. Another thing I found useful is to set up my office in a spare room. That way, when I’m finished working, I can leave the office. I appreciate the thought and details you put in all of your videos.

  7. Hi Audrey, I adore your black dress. Would you be able to provide the source? I was not able to find something similar. Full skirt adds a flare without bulk plus pockets…

  8. I retired from education at the end of last June. Before self isolation, I got into the rut of workout gear, since my husband and I were going to the gym together each morning. Since our gym is currently closed, I have worked hard to dress nicely, including make up. I feel much better, facing each day dressed well….usually jeans but jazzing it up with tees and cardigans, always jewelry. Stay safe.

  9. Hello, I like your video. Do you work from home on your computer (desktop) or laptop? Do you know companies that will allow you to work from home using a laptop instead of a desktop computer?😊

  10. I'm a stay home mom of four, and when I take a time in the morning to do my hair, and look "prety" it makes me feel way better about my self..I'm happier

  11. Even though I am self isolating following a holiday abroad, I still dress as usual and wear mascara and lipstick. It does wonders for the morale!

  12. Even in quarantine, I get dressed in decent clothes everyday and wear lipstick and mascara. It makes me feel better than I would staying in my robe all day.

  13. Update: major fail on day #1. – forgot to turn the heating on, so I’m now wearing a woolly hat while the temperature rises a bit. Sorry, Audrey, I left the side down . 🧣🧤☃️

  14. Thanks for sharing this! I've always been someone who tries not to bring work home, so having to work from home this past week has forced me to rethink how I can maintain work/life balance during this time. I think your idea of dressing up for work is so helpful for helping me to create a (mental and physical) barrier between work and relaxing. I got dressed and put on make-up today, and it has made a huge difference for me.

  15. I find a good shower in the morning and little make up do wonders to make the brain clock in for work. I do find your outfits to summery for uk weather 🙂

  16. Today was my first day working from home, and I’m happy to say I got up and did my AM beauty routine, including makeup, just as if I was going to the office. I do some specific things in the morning to help me feel good and get going and that includes a few exercises and some stretches, but also my hair and my make up. It turns out I didn’t need to go anywhere today, there may be days that I do, but I felt better knowing that I could just throw on a jacket and walk out of the house knowing that I looked ok. Very timely video, thank you for the support.

  17. It's my 2nd day working from home. I really needed this video. Being an extrovert person, it's going to be challenging. I am wearing my pajamas which is making me feel depressed.

  18. Yes, this was very helpful for me. I have some very nice clothes that I don't get to wear every day. My job requires a uniform. Now that I'm home, I feel stuck in very comfy clothes and I don't feel like I get much done. You have helped me realize that what I wear may effect my habits. I feel excited to wear my clothes and show my personality. "Get dressed for Myself"!!

  19. Thank you Audrey. We are all going through this together and lots of people are working from home. Dressing for work is important and it shifts the mind from "home" to "work". Dressing up even a little bit gets us out of the doldrums and helps us to just feel better.

  20. Love watching your beautifully made videos. It’s a nice distraction during this difficult time. I’m able to work from home while my 3 children engage in distant learning while the schools are closed.

  21. I'm working from home and 7 months pregnant. Some of my nice clothes no longer fit and I don't see the point in ordering new maternity clothes, you know? I'm going to try to dress better this week though. I don't think I'll wear makeup because I can give my face a break and I won't use heat on my hair. I have been working out daily!

  22. I enjoyed watching this video. Our office asked us to work from home beginning last week and at my previous employers —and wheNever I am working from home, I change to office clothes. Mentally shifting when I am using my space at home for work makes a big difference in my demeanor and attitude for the day. One thing I like about working from home —it has helped me get better sleep which gives me clarity. Not having to commute 40 minutes one way has then me more time to sleep. With a new workspace (my home), I also discovered I have gained a new perspective in the projects I’m working on. The one thing That I need to address is taking mini breaks to stand or walk every top of the hour. When I’m in my office, moving often is inevitable—like walking to the printer area or copier room or grabbing and putting physical folders back to the metal cabinets. At home; all my resources are within reach.. so when I’m really super focused, I have the tendency to stay seated for hours hurting my bum.

  23. Hello. So well done and I appreciate your advice! The few days I lounge in sweats are deliberate and a choice made ahead of time. Even if I'm not leaving our home…I will still wear beautiful but stylish leggings and a long cashmere sweater…something classic that makes me feel great even though it's still very comfortless. I always put on a simple, signature piece of jewelry, my wedding ring…some light make-up…not to impress anyone, but to feel my best.
    One little caveat…I LOATHE wearing socks…the second I get home, despite that all day I didn't notice them and they are relatively comfortable, I MUST take them off. No idea why…😆
    Thank you for your lovely channel. Stay cheerful and well, ladies. 💐

  24. I live in Bavaria and thankfully can start work from home on Monday. Beside all the negatives I'm lookin forward to the slow down of my live and the public live as a time of more relaxation and reflectiveness.

  25. Hi Audrey. I cannot find my comment in one of your older videos, but perhaps you can. It praised your flawless and effortless classic style, my absolute favorite. Have you done a classic Spring wardrobe video yet?


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