It began with a surveillance video uploaded to YouTube in 2014, depicting a toddler sleeping peacefully whereas a person in a clown masks emerges from beneath her mattress. The video’s description claims that the clown’s identify is Wrinkles, that he lives in Florida, and that he is been employed by the kid’s dad and mom to punish her for misbehaving. After the video went viral, different mysterious movies popped up on-line. Wrinkles pushing a cart by means of a parking zone. Waving alongside a busy freeway. Holding balloons in entrance of a suburban dwelling. The unsettling clips launched Wrinkles the Clown to web infamy. Cryptic stickers with a cellphone quantity had been plastered on phone poles and in loos throughout the state, promising to terrify misbehaving kids. Over a million voicemails had been left. Wrinkles The Clown follows this eerie real-life character and explores the unpredictable unfold of creativeness in the Internet Age.


  1. Wrinkles is like a metaphor for Donald Trump. Weak people will believe anything as long as it fits what they want to believe is true. Look at these adults (almost certainly paid actors) pretend like this is real. Made up fiction promoted in the fake news and therefore even weak adults think it's real.

  2. This movie show how messed up our society is now in days. Parents have left the parenting to social media and its effects our children's mental state. The kids in this film are truly an eye-opener, made me wonder if I am looking at a future mass-shooter??…. Our society is getting darker when parents allow social media to parent our kids. Its a mirror film, bravo Wrinkles the Clown for this creepy and real threat.


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