Zara hauls have been some of the extremely requested movies from you guys… get pleasure from!

Cropped ribbed sweater:
Slouchy pants:
Camel coat:
Faux leather-based prime:
Zipper leggings:
Organza shirt:
White booties:
H&M mustard sweater:
GRLFRND Helena denims:

Shot at Loft 109:

FALL outfit Ideas:



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  1. Hey girl! I like the idea of the studio, but I think it just has to be the right one. It definitely elevates the video to switch up the location and do it in studio. This one might have a bit too much going on in the background, which can be distracting from you and the outfits. Check out Mint Room Studios. I've seen it used for similar outfit haul videos and look book shoots. I think Valeria Lipovetsky used it in a few of her videos and it looks really cute so you could check her channel out if you haven't already! It has great natural lighting, looks clean and fresh with minimal propping. Also has a bit of a feminine vibe which you might like! Love you and your channel and I hope this helps 😉 xoxo

  2. Hi there. I'm really enjoying your videos and your "hauls". I love the way you put together outfit options and show off the good and the bad of various clothing options. It's very helpful. I would love to see outfits to wear out to dinner or evening events in the winter. I am baffled by the winter looks I see where a model is wearing 3/4 length pants, pumps and a thin coat. I live in Ottawa and I am frozen from November until the end of March. We have slick ice, serious snow banks and -30 degree weather. No sane and logically minded Canadian is going out in pumps in February. Showing what to wear that looks modern and glamorous in -30 degree weather (is that possible?) would be fantastic. Also, and somewhat in the same vein, showing off the best boots for these evening looks would be great. Boots that aren't stilettos and are warm (again, is that possible?). Thanks for your enjoyable posts!

  3. I also tried thise legging with a zipper, but they were considerably too slim in the leg, and too large in the bum when sizing up. However both Zara and Mango carry proper pants with the front slit this season. You may like those better. I definately did!

  4. Hi hi! I prefer your house and the natural lighting and sound there vs this studio. The studio is too dark and cold feeling. Don't like the decor either (sorry to your friend). Just wish you had a better full length set up for when you do film in your house.

  5. Hopefully you take this as helpful … but it's hard to convince others to try out products when you only keep 10% as you stated in this video. By saying that, it does not make others want to go out and buy these items. I see more and more gals doing these hauls with the tags still on the items and giving the message that they are not going to be keeping the garment. Many influencers are doing Wal-mart, Target etc sponsored videos and I don't think they keep any/many of the items because the tags are still on the clothing. Since I've seen these done over and over, I'm starting to see the bigger picture and have to double the credibility of the channel. I think the trend is moving more and more to sustainability.

  6. Hi Jillian, in my personal opinion, I like the videos at your apartment. I think the lighting there is better than in this studio. The sound is also better in your apartment. I know there are issue with getting you completely in the shot from head to toe, so if that's a concern, maybe swap out your current lens to a shorter length lens like a 40 or 35 mm lens? The only thing is that it may distort you a little bit. I'm not sure if you've already tried that or not. I can't wait to see what you end up coming up with!


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